Article Guidelines

Guidelines for writing Articles

  1. Quality is a must. Article should be well structured and precise. Readers should enjoy reading our articles.
  2. Content writer should be self-starter. Articles on trending & knowledgeable topics are highly welcome.
  3. Titles must be short and catchy.
  4. Length of an article should typically be 450-1000 words. It may vary according to the requirement of content. Quality should not be sacrificed at any cost.
  5. Article should be a combination of small paragraphs.
  6. Articles should contain pictures, wherever necessary.
  7. Statistics always engage more readers. Aid your writings with relevant stats & infographics.
  8. Use of graphs, pie-charts and tables will be highly appreciated wherever comparison is being done.
  9. Articles like “Top 5 building materials… ____” should not start from bullet points directly. A brief plot for the read is a must.
  10. In such articles, order should always be in reverse.
  11. Cite sources wherever necessary.